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We want to be number 1 in the business of delivering IT projects on time, within budget, and within the scope. Are you looking for a strong IT Project Manager?

As an IT Project Manager, we believe that the foundation of delivering successful technical projects, number 1 – it’s vital to understand the requirements and technologies in order to deliver successfully, we believe it’s paramount to provide not only an excellent standard of service but we like to meet our deliverables and expectations for all our clients. We use various project management approaches. We alternate and incorporate different Project Management Methodologies such as Prince2, ITIL, and Agile Scrum. Depending on the requirement we can determine the Project approach that best suits the deliverables, aligning ourselves to our client’s preferred methodologies is also an option if required to fall under a PMO.

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IT Project Manager, Technical IT Projects, Microsoft Project Plan, Dublin, Ireland

Understand the problem and deliver the solution, as a Project Manager, this is vital.

We believe strongly in fully understanding any technical problems before implementing the right solution. We consider it vital to get a high-level overview of internal and external systems including an in-depth breakdown of the requirements from our customers.

Building and empowering teams is a major part of any IT Project delivery, we like to involve and develop our teams not just for the implementation phase but continue with training and development, once project delivery is complete it is vital that the teams really embrace and continue to support and develop any new IT system.

IMC Technologies is based in Dublin, Ireland however we do work with companies across Europe, we deliver technical ICT projects and always aim to deliver on time and within budget. If you are looking for a technical IT project manager, please tell us about your requirements and the type of IT project manager you need.

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Need a Programme or Project Manager?

Programme and Project management is critical to successful digital transformation and Key IT projects. Companies tend to run out of steam with the in-house capabilities to manage critical projects for various reasons, however, department heads are commonly under pressure to find the capacity within their existing teams which are usually engaged in the day-to-day running of the organisation. When these key resources are stretched, risk heightens as the project timelines progress.

We deliver complex projects, regionally, nationally, and globally, our team is passionate about driving projects forward with transparency, delivering excellence. Whether in, Ireland, UK, Rest Of Europe or Globally, and regardless of the project size, we work closely with organisations to understand the business scope for their projects. Delivering anything from a dedicated project manager to support internal resources, to an experienced project team who will take total ownership, we engage with key stakeholders delivering responsibility from design through to successful execution including project team management, cost management, invoice triggering, and supplier management.

We have a track record in delivering technical IT projects if your business supports the project delivery, we believe we can add the expertise to drive your projects to success.

We Deliver, our goals are:

  • Understand the objectives of the organisation and play a key role in the development of a department
  • Working with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Supporting Programme Managers in implementing the right methodologies to ensure standardisation of managing projects
  • We can Manage specific projects independently
  • Ensure team performance is operating at peak performance
  • We focus Strong relationship-building to ensure delivery of goals. 
  • Manage projects in a standardized and efficient manner in line with the overall strategic transformation programme and under the PMO methodology
  • Raise risks, issues, dependencies, and conflicts and propose solutions
  • Motivate and engage the project team in delivering on tasks
  • Manage communications for the project
  • Produce superior quality project plans and reports to reflect the progress of the project
  • Plan project meetings, user groups, and other groups as required
  • Deliver success, aim for the project to be delivered on time, within budget and scope.
  • Not only meet but exceed project delivery expectations.

IT Project Manager Services

IMC Technologies offer Technical ICT Project Management as a service. Acquiring a Project Manager for any technical project is important especially if much investment is made on a particular IT solution. We work with companies on various types of IT Projects such as Software Deployments, Hardware Deployments, Infrastructure Upgrades, Microsoft 365 Projects, Telephony, WAN, Print Projects. We cover many areas in IT such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing, IT Asset Management and so much more. We have expertise in Technical IT Projects, our project managers delivery on time, within budget and work diligently under company governance and protocols

Our Project Management Concept and delivery methods

Life before AgileAgile Project Management methodology when introduced to the IT industry was such a breath of fresh air. Prince Methodologies had dominated the industry for a very long time, this structure of Prince methodologies was tight, had a strict workflow and often very in-depth. Of-course is a good thing however the downside of this was that projects simply didn’t move fast enough for the industry, delivery was heavily impacted, costs and investment of projects increased due to the durations and rigid structure of Prince methodologies.
Agile brought faster change to IT ProjectsAlong came Agile. Agile gave us a cleaner, less document intensive delivery approach for technical project management, Agile especially helped with Software Projects allowing change, iteration and version control to change more rapidly, risk was measured and evaluated but change and implementation occurred faster.
We don't take Agile lightly...Agile is a word that is thrown around cheaply sometimes, often abused in the industry for a lack of management, lack of directing and lack of project management abilities. We do not use Agile out of the context it was designed for, it’s not about risky shortcuts to success. Agile is still organised project management with detail to planning to include risk management and mitigation strategies. We control our budgets and communicate effectively with teams and stakeholders and always keep our eyes on delivering within time and budget.
We make Agile and Prince methodologies work togetherAgile to us gives us more structure to deliver, we also incorporate aspects of Prince 2 delivery because both have strengths and weaknesses therefore any project must be looked at with clarity on what will work best for delivery.

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