IT Asset Management Projects

Its vital for companies today to have an IT Asset Management system in place, having a good asset management system protects your business against unwanted vendor software and hardware audits. We’ve all seen  major software audits conducted by the vendors such as: IBM, Microsoft or Oracle costing businesses €1000’s sometimes millions of euros in unpaid software / hardware bills. Some of these systems may have been an unknown within the business due to how product/s are licensed. To alleviate the risk of costly unknowns we recommend looking at products such as Snow Software Inventory which is an excellent product in firstly identifying what systems you have throughout your domain then applying the licensing framework from their own  software asset library.

IMC Technologies recently completed introducing Snow Asset Management Software to an Irish bank with success, the project initiated by request from the European Central Bank – ECB, for this particular bank to have and maintain an IT Asset management system. We selected Snow Software to provide the solution as we found that it was the most comprehensive asset management system solution on the market.

We completed the deployment of the Snow IT Asset Management system to over 5000 devices including desktops, laptops, handheld devices – mobile phones, network hardware, physical servers, virtual servers (VMware) Linux and Unix systems. We managed this project from initiation to completion including business handover, hiring support team and post operations and recommendations.

We highly recommend Snow Software as does Gartner as they definitely are the leader in IT Asset Management. We are open to completing more IT asset management projects for companies in Ireland / Europe and we definitely enjoyed working along with Snow Software.