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Does your business want to embrace Cloud Computing? The mere mention of Cloud Computing a few years ago had many companies frightened.. even now it’s still approached with extreme care and rightly so. Not all companies will want private data accessed on cloud therefore we negate what systems is viable, cost effective and safe to be hosted on a Public/Private Cloud.

We help companies decide, design and implement the right Saas solutions for their business. Many companies are now going toward a hybrid solution because it’s more cost effective with no upfront infrastructure spend on Server Racks, Storage and network devices instead they can leverage the cloud and pay monthly on usage.

Many larger organizations are still phasing legacy systems out which sometimes prohibits vital upgrades from happening due to system dependencies. We can help mitigate risk from legacy systems and help you expand your infrastructure to the likes of AWS Amazon or Microsoft Azure.

Our business fully promotes hybrid infrastructure however we remain diligent in terms of security and governance, that caution must always be priority before any system integration or infrastructure investment. Many business are using Saas products which offer excellent productivity shifting away from old internal systems that no longer function as they should or simply don’t match up to what’s available with an out of the box Saas application. Types of Saas applications include Sage Online, Zoho, Snow Software, the list is endless now so you are likely already using Saas applications within your company.

make sure to contact us here We can even manage the integration of these new cloud and Saas applications for your organisation. Let us manage your IT projects from start to finish, we always aim to deliver the best results for our customers, project planning, scope and mapping out key deliverables and milestones for all stakeholders, we do it right.

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