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IMC Technologies offer Technical IT Project Management and IT Consultancy services to businesses in Ireland, UK and across Europe, we are based in Dublin. We have a wealth of experience in delivering large IT Projects from project initiation to completion, always aiming to deliver the project within time and budget.

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Experts In IT Project Management

Our expertise in delivering large scale IT projects across Ireland, UK, and the Rest Europe is second to none, we incorporate industry Project Methodologies such as Prince 2, Waterfall, Agile, Lean and Scrum methodologies to get the job done effectively working closely with project stakeholders, building highly efficient teams to excel the delivery. Our focus on Time, Budget and Scope, delivery, and risk evaluation and mitigation makes us stand out from other companies. Effective IT Project Management incorporates a mix of project methodologies. IT Project Management is something we enjoy, we embrace the process and deliver with our clients expectations at the forefront.

IT Project Management
IT Project Management

“Agile Manifesto.” It declared the following values: people over processes; products that actually work over documenting what that product is supposed to do; collaborating with customers over negotiating with them; and responding to change over following a plan. Scrum is the framework I built to put those values into practice. There is no methodology.”

Jeff Sutherland Author of - Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Types Of Projects

IMC Technologies Ltd can support the delivery of any IT Project, with a vast amount of experience across various technologies we believe the fundamentals of delivering successfully doesn’t depend on what you know on a specific technology but how swiftly we can ramp up our knowledge then effectively deliver projects using sound project management methodologies.

Let Us Drive Your IT Projects to Success!

Did you know that over 70% of IT projects fail in the industry? We want to be part of your success and we require your support but also the resources to drive your projects forward, delivery is our strength, we adapt and challenge ourselves as project managers to get the project across the line within time, budget and scope. Contact us here for more information

Our IT Project Management Style

IT Project Management done right! we take the approach that we aim to deliver on the expectations of the client and we are not shy to think outside the box, our goal is to work closely with key stakeholders, maintain strategy, provide effective and transparent project plans and keep teams engaged and tuned into completing the project.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is always to exceed our client’s expectations in delivering key technical projects within time, budget and scope working with teams and stakeholders under solid project management methodologies

Our Mission

Our IT project management team work closely together giving us a unique approach to delivering at client sites, we use think-tank’s, Agile Scrum methodologies to deliver on our technical projects. Technology is continually evolving, our team stay ahead in the industry to keep your business up with the latest trends and improvements to systems.

Our Skills

Over 25 Years in the IT Industry, delivering Technical projects on a national and global scale for SME.
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